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James says, “Education is the key point here, the end user needs to be fully aware that a default password exists and easy instructions on how to change it.” “Of course a complex password is best using a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters – but anything is better than the default password… ” Webcams are not a piece of hardware to skimp on – many of the scandals involving unsecured webcams have involved cheaper brands, or old, outdated hardware.ESET security expert Stephen Cobb suggests that reading reviews is crucial – and visiting forums and searching Google News to check for reports of hacking is a good follow-up step.If you are using surveillance or security cameras, don’t point them at anything which could give away details about your identity or your location. The woman was shocked when she received two nude photos of herself by e-mail.Now research from Johns Hopkins University provides the first public confirmation that it’s possible to do just that, and demonstrates how.While the research focused on Mac Book and i Mac models released before 2008, the authors say similar techniques could work on more recent computers from a wide variety of vendors.The ‘open door’ which can allow cybercriminals to control webcams is firmware which has not been properly updated – so ensure yours is.The easiest way to do this is to register your camera with the manufacturer.

Malware known as RATs (Remote Access Tools) allows criminals to look through the webcams of compromised PCs – and a repellent class of criminal known as ‘Ratters’ sells access to these via unpleasant sites on the internet.

The photos had been taken over a period of several months — without her knowledge — by the built-in camera on her laptop.

Fortunately, the FBI was able to identify a suspect: her high school classmate, a man named Jared Abrahams. W., later identified herself on Twitter as Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf.

Hackers will use specialist search tools to find connected devices, and if they’re not protected by passwords, your baby will be at their mercy.

Simon Rice of Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office says, ‘The ability to access footage remotely is both an internet cameras biggest selling point and, if not setup correctly, potentially its biggest security weakness.

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