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Once this had been completed, they had to go to a sheep paddock and find the sheep with the exact match of the other half of the ring from the rafting challenge.

In this Roadblock, one team member had to count monks wearing red and yellow necklaces.

Most prizes were sponsored by Virgin Australia and their affiliated products.

The race's first Roadblock required one racer to navigate a tractor through a course and move four bales of hay into the marked area.

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The Amazing Race Australia 3 is the third series of The Amazing Race Australia, the Australian spin-off of the American series The Amazing Race.Replacing Marked for Elimination, it required the team that finished last in a non-elimination leg to perform an additional task at some point during the next leg.The Express Pass returned for the first time since the first series, allowing the team that placed first in the first leg to skip any later task in the race.This second round of applications ended on 22 December 2013.Jesse O'Brien was previously a contestant on the first season of New Zealand Idol.Officially titled The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand, the race featured ten teams of two (five from Australia and five from New Zealand), each in a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world for a grand prize.The show premiered on Australia's Seven Network on 4 August 2014 after The X-Factor, and on New Zealand's TV2 on 5 August 2014 after My Kitchen Rules 5.She was injured during Leg 2 of the race and was subsequently eliminated.During Leg 6, Tyson Smith proposed to Sally Yamamoto on their 4th anniversary. Kathmandu, John West Tuna and Virgin Australia are the sponsors for this season.Australian intensive care nurses Daniel Little & Ryan Thomas were the season's winners.It was the first time that one of the international spin-offs of The Amazing Race traveled to all six inhabited continents.

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