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I would like to take this time and thank you so much for this discretionary grant.

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Please receive this letter of thanks as our acceptance of this Grant Award.Therefore, I had bad teeth my whole adult life and I can now smile without hiding teeth Sincerely, I would like to thank you the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant for giving me back my confidence. I'm getting married in May and Im very excited to know that my smile will be wortyh showing off.Sincerely, Dear Cosmetic Dentistry Grants, I would like to thank you for your help in allowing me to under take this process.I wish to thank all the people involved in selecting me for a Discretionary Cosmetic Dentistry Grant. I no longer have to worry when I laugh or when its time to take photos.The award will go a long was in helping me get my smile back. Thank you so much for my grant Sincerely, Dear Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program I can't begin to say how grateful I am to receive your generous grant money.This is something I've wanted for a very long time.Your help pushed me to make the decision to act on finally doing something about changing something in my life that has been holding me back mentally.Sincerely, To whom it may concern, I would like to thank you so much for the grant, enabling me to get four implants! It has helped me out so much and now I can afford my dental treatment. Thank you To whom it may concern, I am contacting you today regarding my cosmetic dentistry grant that was rewarded to me last year.I have not utilized the grant as of yet, but my dental plan and total amount has changed this past week. Sincerely, Dear OAAG, I wanted to take a moment and thank you so very much for the grant that you gave me.I have gone over a cosmetic dentistry grant treatment plan with the doctor you referred me to.I do not think I would have made the initiave myself. Thank you so much Sincerely, I Antonio Gomez I am grateful for the grant that you have given me towards my dental health. Sincerely, I am writing this letter to thank you for your wonderful contribution to my dental restoration journey.

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