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Read on to discover the best tools to establish your social website without investing a fortune in custom development.Status Net social network web hosting Formerly known as Laconica, Status Net is a micro-blogging software platform oriented toward business environments.Dolphin social network web hosting Created by Boon Ex, Dolphin is one of the most comprehensive social network web hosting applications available today.Dolphin is an open source, scalable, customizable, and feature-rich community software that makes it easy to create any type of social website.Put simply, Status Net allows you to create an internal, Twitter-like network that people in your company can use to share information and collaborate.Status Net is available in a free version and in an extended, paid version that offers advanced administrative functionality, custom branding, and preferential support services.The answer is a definite “yes.” There are still many untapped niches that can support successful social networks.

nline dating has become a big business and the Boon Ex Dolphin Community Software has been built to take advantage of this niche.

Boonex Dolphin is supported on every single package we offer and our Technical Support Department will assist you with every issue you might experience with the platform.

Whether you’re planning to build a social network, but with now startup software cost?

This is entirely possible now with the use of the Boonex Dolphin Social Networking platform.

Boonex Dolphin is social platform type of web application allowing you to create easily a Social Community type of website.

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