Damon salvatore and elena dating in real life

They say they need her help to stop Kai, but what if she has plans on trying to save him instead? What happens when she finds out she's losing a year of her memory? ALL COPYRIGHTS AND OWNERSHIP GOES TO THE CW, JULIE PLEC, KEVIN WILLIAMSON AND LJ SMITH.

Maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me And after all, you're my wonderwall "I know who he is! I ONLY OWN ALEX AND ANY OF MY CHARACTERS This isn't normal, but neither is she.

She starts having weird visions, and two men who say they’re vampires approach her, claiming that they know the whereabouts of the boy she used to love. She'll protect her brothers, Damon and Stefan, until the day she dies.

Halyn is forced to revisit old feelings and memories that she had hoped would stay in her past, but that seem to have a way of resurfacing. What happens when she meets a hybrid who knows more about her than herself?

In the midst of finding who she is both in the normal and supernatural worlds, he turned her life upside down.

Adeline Claire, one of those witches, finds herself in a whirlwind of magic, tragedy, blood, and death.

Follow this OC's journey in navigating The Vampire Diaries, see her lose herself, find herself, her friends and maybe even love.

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Halyn Chase, a young witch, never expected to run into Kai Parker that winter day in 1992. She didn’t mean to grow close to him, and she definitely didn’t mean to fall in love with him.

Fighting to keep her family safe Addie sources new and old friends and enemies.

Addie will have to relive her past and make sacrifices in order to fight the evils of the world. Bonnie finally snaps, having enough of Damon and attempts to kill him.

Fast Forward sixteen years later, Kaydence runs away from Mystic Falls and the only family she's known her entire life, in search for a safe haven, which so happens to be Hawaii, the birthplace of her father. Kaydence Gilbert-Mc Garrett continues to run in hopes of eluding those that chase after her.

Kaydence is running scared, terrified of her own shadow.

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