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Is Null Test for a NULL expression or Zero Length string.I've had a search and can't find anything along these lines...Select Object (Do Cmd) Select a specific database object.Send Object (Do Cmd) Send an email with a database object attached.

g Get All Settings List the settings saved in the registry.IPmt Interest payment for an annuity Is Array Test if an expression is an array Is Date Test if an expression is a date.LBound Return the smallest subscript from an array.Set Menu Item (Do Cmd) Set the state of menubar items (enabled /checked) .Show All Records(Do Cmd) Remove any applied filter.Output To (Do Cmd) Export to a Text/CSV/Spreadsheet file.Refresh Record (Do Cmd) Refresh the data in a form.Search For Record(Do Cmd) Search for a specific record.Select (SQL) Retrieve data from one or more tables or queries.Show Toolbar (Do Cmd) Display or hide a custom toolbar.Instr Rev Return the position of one string within another.

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