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And with a single server, more players for us to interact with (which is all we really would like honestly, I would assume there's a max of 3-4 guilds where online players hit 2 pages or more at a single time).Internally: less running costs due to having less running servers.Of course, sections for each individual server should be created, but overall I feel this would be better than having to create multiple new accounts just to see how servers are doing.New players can also learn from a more complete source as currently, guides may not be created for each servers' forums yet one may be found elsewhere.Going to keep it brief - needing many more (especially ones that are targeted towards free to play and spending doesn't provide any benefits).And I believe I posted quite a few event suggestions before but nothing ever came of it..

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- As pointed out previously, merging would mean rethinking how translations are handled, however there's a fairly simple approach that can be taken to maximise benefits.

While most video game players are happy when developers implement anti cheating software, they become frustrated when that software malfunctions and interferes with game play.

Game Guard is used by MMO developers in many Windows-compatible games to detect hackers and bots.

As for connection "lag", I have a nifty idea for a VIP perk.

VIPs would get access to a similar service to WTFast/Mudfish/any other acceleration service which minimises latency to the hosted server.

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