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And thirdly, we are fully aware of what kind of family this is.

They have all the means to just disappear from the country.'Among the dead are a mother and daughter Alla Sokol, 46, and Anastasiya Sokol, 19, who will be buried on Saturday.

I have a scratch and concussion.'I came back here again just to have a look.

I remember I was crossing the road on green light, I was with a friends, we were walking to the metro station.'Then tyres screeching, metal grinding sound. Next moment - my friend helps me to stand up, a piece of metal hit me into the face.'It was revealed that Ms Zaitseva's elder brother Dmitry Zaitsev is an ex-deputy prosecutor of Cherkassy region in Ukraine.

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The baby is stable, the mother is in medical coma but it won't hurt her baby.Ms Zaitseva has declined so far to give testimony on the horrific accident, citing the 63rd article of the Ukrainian constitution, permitting her not to incriminate herself.Earlier a video appeared to show her smirking in court flanked by policemen.We need to keep watching.'Ms Zaitseva's father Vasily Zaitsev did not mention the victims in his only comment on the crash caused by what eye witnesses saw as his daughter's reckless driving.He also sought to pin blame on the VW Touareg that Ms Zaitseva hit before her car careered into people waiting at a pedestrian crossing, even though footage appears to show the driver of this car acting correctly after moving forward on a green light at a junction.'It is a tragedy for our family,' he said.The Ukrainian heiress who killed five and injured six in a horror crash was tonight detained for two months to stop her fleeing the country before her trial.Alyona Zaitseva, 20, burst into tears as she was detained despite an extraordinary appeal to allow her multi-millionaire father to compensate her victims and their families.Separate footage suggests she had been racing another car moments before colliding with a VW Touareg, then spun out of control and overturned, ramming into the pedestrians.The latest new video from Vecherny Kharkiv newspaper shows how victims were killed and then thrown around 70ft along the pavement by the force of the impact.Shocking video footage shows the sickening moment her Lexus ploughed into a crowd after she drove through a red light and hit another vehicle at 63mph in central Kharkiv.The glamorous oligarch's daughter was seen in tears alone in the courtroom cage at the start of a legal process which could see her jailed for a maximum ten years after a crash which left a street in the Ukrainian city looking like a 'war zone' with bodies strewn on a pavement.

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