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One trick is to bend down so you’re at least on an even plane with the photographer (assuming it’s not a full-body photo).If you’re significantly taller than the photographer, sit in a chair and look up toward the camera. The best way to avoid a fake smile is not to have one.This is because red-eye usually occurs in a dim room when the irises have opened up so much that the retinas, which are red with blood vessels, light up when the flash hits them.Glancing at a light source helps because when the pupils affix on something bright, they shrink, reducing the potential for red-eye.March 9, 2008 at am · Filed under a recording executive, author!, Bishop Noel Jones, Books-, businessman, City of Refuge, dynamic preaching, Evangelist, Faithmate. Org, Pastor, Products, Tapes ·Tagged a recording executive, author! For years he ministered across the world as an Evangelist, but now he excels as a Pastor, a businessman, a recording executive, and as an author!, Bishop Noel Jones, businessman, City of Refuge, dynamic preaching, Evangelist, Faithmate. Enjoy these clips of his dynamic preaching, and the last clip featuring his choir’s new gospel hit, “It’s Not About Us”!

If you have warm skin tones, go with colors in the orange and red families, like coral.

Dating Advice for Urban Christians When it is the time to say ‘No’ to a person whom you don’t like, you feel it really tough.

Sometimes, a prospective partner wants you take the relationship further, but you don’t want to.

Foundation for women and translucent powder for men are quick fixes. To get as much light on your face as possible pose near the closest light source, like a window if your indoors.

Always use a flash, both inside and outside – the flash will illuminate your skin and help hide imperfections. Photographs taken on a white sandy beach or a snow-covered surface tend to be more flattering because the reflective qualities of those surfaces help de-emphasize wrinkles and pockmarks.

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