Is dating harder for smart people

The rewards for the dumb staying in school or working long hours are considerably smaller, so they rationally choose more leisure time.What’s more, with the economy geared in ways that limit their opportunities, attaching themselves to a smart mate is one of the few tactics for economic advancement.It may often seem harsh, but smart people value their independence more than anything else.As independent thinkers, they often transfer this quality to other areas of their life.

Or, if your love interest is highly intelligent, you can now understand his or her unusual ways.

She asked me about why this might be, assuming it was true at all. Our economy is quickly becoming what people like to call a “knowledge economy,” in which the financial rewards for smart people who are really work oriented are tremendous.

Smart women rationally respond to this by spending more time in school acquiring the tools they think they need in the knowledge economy, and once in the work force, working more and harder.

Smart people often seem to be more focused on their careers than their love life.

This comes as no surprise, after everything mentioned before.

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