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It's hard when you're with somebody and you become embroiled in something just because you were seen standing next to someone else.

Also ready to highlight the 2006 Summer Nights Concerts Series in England by late June, he certainly has ample chance to score higher than what he has achieved in the past two years as long as he keeps maintaining his great quality and unusual style within him.No criticisms here.” The video also shows James exhibiting typical diva behaviour – refusing to learn his assistant’s name, demanding tea, and musing about the shape of clouds (though we admit, we've definitely done this while at work! Tinder no doubt chose Blunt for the job because of his Twitter antics which see him replying to all criticism with cutting remarks of his own (and probably the fact that his name poses a very handy pun).The video is captioned: “At Tinder, we’re always thinking of ways to help our community.Born James Hillier-Blount on February 22, 1977 in Tidworth, Wiltshire, James came from a military family who did not listen much to music though his mother did introduce him to musical instruments and had him taken classical grades since he was merely a little boy.However, the thought of pursuing a career in this field had never occurred to him until he witnessed an older boy playing an electric guitar at the age 14.Childhood: James Blunt was born in Tidworth military hospital in Wiltshire to Jane and Charles Blount.He was born in the military hospital due to his family having a history of military service dating back to the 10th Century.Even so, he decided to wait for the right time to accomplish his dream and continued his study at Harrow School then Bristol University majoring in aerospace manufacturing, engineering and sociology before entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to later become a commissioned officer in the British Army.The 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker ignites rumors that he's no longer straight as he shared with his 5.4 million followers on Instagram a picture of him with Blunt alongside an engagement announcement.Pardon The Hollywood Gossip staff for paraphrasing a headline we used to discuss the sex life of Lindsay Lohan a few weeks ago.But it's not our fault James Blunt possesses a) a penchant for sleeping with spoiled celebrity skanks and b) a punny last name.

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