Leader lines excel pie charts updating

Learn how to check and change the current workbook theme.

The steps below will create a basic pie chart – a plain, unformatted chart – that displays the four categories of data, a legend, and a default chart title.

The chart shows data related to the sale of cookies for 2013.

The chart displays both the total sales amount for each type of cookie using data labels as well as the relative value each slice represents of the total company sales for the year.

Rotating the chart on the Y axis will pull the face of the chart down so that it is easier to read the data labels on the pie slices at the top of the chart.

Since they show relative amounts, pie charts are useful for showing any data that displays the relative amounts of sub-categories against the total value – such as the production of one factory in relation to the output of the company as a whole, or the revenue generated by one product relative to the sales of the entire product line. Each slice of the pie is referred to as a category and its size shows what portion of the 100% it represents.Following that, click on the right part of the chart and try again.When a chart is created in Excel, or whenever an existing chart is selected by clicking on it, two additional tabs are added to the ribbon as shown in the image above.If you use another theme while following this tutorial, the colors listed in the tutorial steps may not be available in the theme you are using.If not, just choose colors to your liking as substitutes and carry on.Unlike most other charts, pie charts contain only one data series, and this series cannot contain negative or zero (0) values.This tutorial covers the steps needed to create and format the pie chart shown in the image above.The heading and options appearing in the pane change depending upon the area of the chart that is selected.This step will add the name of each type of cookie to the data labels along with the value hat is currently displayed.Note: The size of a font is measured in points –often shortened to slice, the rest of the pie chart will shrink in size to accommodate the change.As a result, it may be necessary to reposition one or more of the data labels to place them fully inside their respective sections.

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