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Raylan’s body count so far: I tallied it up and I’ve got the grand total at 15, with 3 wounded (Boyd and Arlo from season 1 and the “black hat” Nix from the season 3 opener has officially been ruled a wounding—this is what I do with my spare time), plus 1 “disarming” (Quarles in season 3).

He’s very much a lover and he falls in love with Roseanna Mc Coy. MB: Johnse is unapologetically who he is and refuses to be anything but that and I’ve always felt that way with myself – part stubborn, part pride.

“More Gutterson” became a steady refrain by the end of season 3. , for all that it’s about Raylan Givens, is really Boyd Crowder’s show. The last couple of seasons have seen Raylan and Boyd working together quite a bit to take down other bad guys—albeit, for entirely different reasons—so it would be nice to deal with them once again returned to their own sides of the line and fighting each other just as much as they flirt.

Season 4 is teasing Boyd’s return to “preaching” and so far, he looks like the only Big Bad in the landscape, though Ron Eldard has joined up to play a former military friend (enemy? Season 4 of promises to be everything we love about the show, plus Patton Oswalt.

The idea of someone hero-worshipping Raylan, especially the potential that has in Oswalt’s hands, is a winner.

We’ll also being seeing more of Lindsey the Sexy Bartender.

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