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What the hell is it about the fear of getting caught and doing $#*! And the fact im married (second time surprise suprise) makes it just as forbidden and so even extra hotter for me! I live in the UK, I am single and have found the men on this site really nice and intelligent. 90% of the profiles are fake, generated to take your money. I've had success on three other affair /adult dating sites; Saphrina, Aff and another one who I will not name because I don't particularly like it. Buttom line; You need to buy credits if you expect results. If you are not decent looking things will become a little tougher. Many young, beautiful girls will contact you, and you pay the site (in coins) to reply. Fortunately, I did not, because she recorded our skype and tried to blackmail me! Nice looking site and easy to use, ill say that much for it. And if you find someone you like stop fishing for other women, they will actually check on AM to see if you're still looking around.

I have tired to find decent men on traditional dating sites but find most men are game players. I spent nearly £200 on this site sending out messages. Recently, a woman who was supposedly 29, connected with me and we were soon sexting and Skyping while she masturbated. Was on this site for one month send around 25 winks to several so called ladies in my area . Almost every woman wants to be your one and only so assure them that they are. This site is free for women, which i believe is a big problem.

I had read accounts of internet dating scams that involved requests for money, so when I received such a request I immediately bowed out. Thats the only reason I can figure as to why they join these sites! Called the law of averages guys ;-) Thank me later & feel free to add me to your xmas card list hahaha.v x The reputation kept me from buying credits for a while but when I finally decided to pay things got good. And if they stop corresponding just leave them alone and don't harrass them, they may come back to you later when their ready. A lot of these women are new at this and scared, feeling very guilty, and are afraid to make the first step.

Perhaps I was contacted by an honest woman on Ashley Madison and simply failed to discover her. For sure, I wasted a lot of time thinking I was communicating with honest women before I found out otherwise. They be bored at home or suspectin there boo is getting some action with a work colleague and end up on sites like this and nostringsaffair to make themselves all hot and horny again, lovin the attention that guys like me cant help givin! Sure - a lot of the time its just chat or swappin sex pics but ive met with enough married chicks to know that this $#*! Hi, i have been on and off Ashley Madison over the past few years. But let me clarify: I'm a wealthy, decent looking man who takes care of his body. On this site, you have to watch out for whatever seems too good to be true. Decided to stick with for now but might try this again in a few weeks to see if there are more members in my area. Your job is to ease their fears so they will eventually take the first step and meet with you in a public place of their choosing.

Mark S (37) If you're an older married fella (50 ) whose thinking he's gonna have a hot steamy affair with a single or married woman who looks like a Fox News babe (Mac Callum, Perino, et al), you're gonna be disappointed and burn thru a lot of credits getting there. "before we meet you need to buy this pass" Girls with sudden money emergencies, they are, nicer, pretty, more elaborated, until they need a medication, book, tuition, etc on emergency basis, probably also some guy sitting in an indonesia IT shop... AM makes money if you accept a collect message or initiate a message with them.

But if you can ratchet your expectations down a notch, and stick to your age bracket, you will meet real women who are ready to meet you. I've always had much better luck with sites like Ashley-Madison and Saphrina than with Craigslist. Dating-Apps annoy me but I use them once in a while. Either way, you are burning credits and will need more if an actual flesh and blood woman actually came along. Spend that money at a bar and you will have better luck by far.

So no matter what it makes sense to join several sites and check them out. When I began on AM I was contacted by several women a day. All were decades younger than me and when challenged about the age thing, they said it did not matter. Some asked that I go through a verification process that would assure them that I was legitimate and provide them a way to backtrack to me if I turned out to be threatening or actually abused them. I discovered that those who requested that I validate myself were willing to guide me through the process.

5 - Avoid dating sites and apps whose puprose is not to arrange an affair. Affair webstes have a member base with people who know that you are married and they are okay with this! First off, I am an unusual case because of my age, late 70's. The process required that I identify myself and supply a credit card. Each woman asked me to validate through a web site of her choosing.

The scam is that these girls will message you and even go off site and then after teasing you with photos, they say they are in town and want to meet but first, you have to process through this site for "their" safety. It is just a way for whoever is pretending to be that person - probably a 300 pound dude in New Jersey in his tidy whities- and once you pay the , the goal has been met.Hi so am trying to get a date in this site AM but most of the girls there would ask me to go to another site wish and make a profile there too but all of those site aks for a CC and am not too sure to do that. Now, it is clear that AM doesn't mind these people being on the site and lets them do their scams.Any advice on how this works AM has changed a fair bit and its looking like a top choice but if you aint using nostringsaffair which is a gr8 site that doesnt cost you and arm and a leg, then you need to be broadening those horizons and checking that out. I have reported them before but they are worse now.After several days of texting back and forth the woman would ask for money to help with her expenses. Both women described themselves as working for charitable causes in Africa. These women get hundreds of hits daily so when you get a bite, tug gently, be patient, and don't even mention sex much until after you meet them in person.Both women were quite attractive, one was a knock-out. OK, basically i've figured out after a looooong time that these sites do work if you follow certain rules, for example: 1 use a good site with good reviews (e.g this one or both rank high) 2 avoid sites that you've never heard anything good about (or anything about period) 3 ALWAYS run a search in your area to see results before you get sucked into paying 4 spend time on your profile and dont copy n paste intro messages, women see thru that jazz 5 when you find a good site dont stop looking, this game is cheap for what youre getting so use multiple sites. Be confident, warm, friendly, and flattering in a non-sexual way.Indeed the cards continued to work everywhere else after they were turned down during the attempted validation.Ashley Madison customer service suggested offered alternative links to me and I tried these but my credit cards were always turned down regardless of the link supplied by Ashley Madison.Got two replies both escorts pretending to be a woman looking for a relationship until they started to talk about there rates. That is why many "professionals" join and try to make you join other sites, cam sites, etc.Waste of money It does take some money to get through the process but if you really want to hook up, it can be well spent. On sites like vm, saphrina, etc women usually pay as well which is good for the quality of the female profiles.I have been actively using affair websites like Ashley Madison or Saphrina for years and never really understood why so many guys did not manage to have an affair using those sites.I mean you have a place with literally millions of men and women all looking for an affair. Let me show you how to be successful on Ashley Madison or on any other affair website: 1 - Never take pictures of your p#$#* or even mention the size of it on your profile and never send any other nasty pictures.

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