Misanthropist dating

Such conquests are status symbols, proofs of virility, and they allow the narcissist to engage in "vicarious" narcissistic behaviours, to express his narcissism through the "conquered" women, transforming them into instruments at the service of his narcissism, into his extensions. Women gave birth to them and moulded them into what they are: dysfunctional, maladaptive, and emotionally dead.This is done by employing defence mechanisms such as projective identification. They are angry at their mothers and, by extension at all women.

The idealised females are sexless, the devalued ones "deserving" of their degradation (sex) and the contempt that, inevitably, follows thereafter.They refrain from having sex with them, tease them and then leave them, resist flirtatious and seductive behaviours and so on.Often, they invoke the existence of a girlfriend/fiance/spouse as the "reason" why they cannot have sex or develop a relationship.But, this pertains only to cerebral narcissists - not to somatic narcissists and to Histrionics (Histrionic Personality Disorder - HPD) who use their body, sexuality, and seduction/flirtation to extract Narcissistic Supply from others. They team up with women who serve as Sources of SNS (Secondary Narcissistic Supply).The woman's chores are to accumulate past Narcissistic Supply (by witnessing the narcissist's "moments of glory") and release it in an orderly manner to regulate the fluctuating flow of primary supply and compensate in times of deficient supply.To him, sex and intimacy are mutually exclusive rather than mutually expressive propositions.Sex is reserved to "whores" (all other women in the world).Primary Narcissistic Supply (PNS) is any kind of NS provided by people who are not "meaningful" or "significant" others.Adulation, attention, affirmation, fame, notoriety, sexual conquests are all forms of PNS.But this is not out of loyalty and fidelity in the empathic and loving sense.This is because they wish (and often succeed) to sadistically frustrate the interested party.

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