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Acceptable places to set up dates: Here are some ideas about some fun subjects you can bring up to get your prospective Trumpkin suitor all twisted up. With their propensity for mental gymnastics to rationalize even the most ABHORRENT Trump behavior, conversations could be highly entertaining.For example, I’m pretty sure most of them would have disapproved of infidelity had Obama been caught having an affair.I look at MRAs as sad pathetic angry men who couldn’t get laid even if they paid for it (unlike Trump, who has his lawyer to hand out the money).

I’ve tangled with enough Trumpanzees — I think I have a good sense of how to get them attracted to you online. Experts have said our “stable genius” president speaks on a fourth grade level — the lowest of any president, ever — and this is one of the things his “poorly educated” supporters like about him.This makes it easy to intellectually disarm them in a debate. ”If you need more ideas, just go to the #MAGA hashtag on Twitter and see what the Russian bots are posting this week.You just throw out a big word they’ve never heard Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity use — like “trogolodyte“, and their brains go haywire. The ability to spell is the sure sign of a free-college-loving, free-health-care-wanting, no-job slacker Bernie Bro.3. I think right now there’s a lot of anti-gun control talk, since we just had our 15th billionth school shooting of the last 30 years. — apparently now need their own safe space for dating.Bigots, sexists and racists, and paid-off porn stars welcome (ok I made that up).These are all important questions for any 2 people who are dating, and it could be very fun seeing how Trump. Ultimately, shouldn’t these people realize that if you need a specialized dating site just for your candidate’s supporters, then your candidate must REALLY SUCK? Meanwhile, I’m over here waiting for Kamala Harris. But, as we know from pillars of Christian behavior like Billy Graham, Jr., Trump gets a “mulligan” on all that catting around he did.So, when you get into those necessary relationship discussions about if it’s okay to cheat, it might be fun to bait them about their views on this.Planning for sex could be an issue — do they use birth control, or not? What if it doesn’t work and you end up with an unplanned pregnancy? Would you adopt it out to some fine, middle-class white family?Be prepared to discuss how that horrible Killary would have allowed people to rip babies out of the womb at 9 months (never mind that most of us reasonable people call this “birth”.)But the most burning question of all is.they like to be spanked with a Forbes magazine?

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