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so it’s like right now i do payments for online games, not very sexy. but you tell like college girls that one that you work at facebook and its over at that point. I had a, I worked at an internship at Microsoft I was in the sales and marketing group and what happened was as an intern you almost guaranteed a job, it’s like 99% and guess who didn’t get the job. : So here’s the thing, here’s what I’m seeing, Intel’s forget it. and that’s the new job position that I’m getting hired for. : So Mint sold for one hundred seventy million (0,000,000). Okay so hopefully Mint won’t get to mad about that.

i could tell you that working at facebook is like a great aphrodisiac. You’re going to end up with the regular old job at Intel. with [inaudible] which is the company again, yeah I’ve been doing this for over 2years now and i think what it ended up being was that i went from a hundred thousand at Intel to few hundred, it ended up being a hundred and fifty at facebook till it like fired me to kinda start my own thing. After the series B and series C it would probably be about half a percent (0.5%).

So, let’s say on, you wanted to sell reports or you wanted to sell videos, you could go bill Pay Pal, bill credit cards, have some customer support.

As you get to be as large as you are, fraud, maybe some chargebacks.

: Alright, and again before we get into the meat of this interview, can you tell people a little bit about your background?I know that you worked at Facebook and you did a bunch of other things before this. : I know, I know, I know, but I like them as a company, and, frankly, there’s good people there, but it wasn’t a good fit for me.So, actually, the real interesting issue – I think it’s interesting – is that… I thought you meant that you didn’t want to have an apartment and so you’d sleep under your desk ’cause you were so mad about working at Intel. No, you’re saying you sat there, and, basically, you were sleepwalking through your days?So, you want the official title was the Supply Chain Optimization for Mobile Laptop Chips Worldwide.So my official role was those Pentium 4 laptop chips, and so I had to figure out how many to be building everyday, week, month based on supply available, different factories.So you could either spend your time doing that, or, within about 30 minutes, have payment solution set up and running with Gambit.: No, you could totally do Pay Pal and I think that, you know, on a smaller scale, that might be more useful.Alright, so, he came here to talk about a lot of the mistakes that he made as he built up Gambit. And Gambit is a payment system that makes it easy for people to pay you, for your customers to pay you.So, if you’ve got a virtual game or an online community, you want to get paid for having users, not just have eyeballs, but you want to actually get paid, Gambit is the company that you work with.: I was like no I’ve been goofing off, I was playing online and I was like yeah I think I’ll just go home now.Intel’s a really good company, I think they just have a lot of inefficiencies that will get hopefully worked out but it definitely needs to have a lot more fire and a lot of the fat cut off of it, but basically what were you supposed to be doing there?

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