Online dating services for widowers

Katherine Murphy of the Patients Association said: ‘This is an absolute disgrace.It is so difficult for these patients to get the help they need in the community.

Many are widows or widowers or those whose children have moved away.It appears to be a very blunt tool to fix what looks to be a far more complex problem.’Ann Abraham’s findings came just two months after the Daily Mail launched a campaign to end such scandalous treatment.With the help of our readers we were able to raise £100,000 for the Patients Association to go toward a helpline to deal with complaints about poor care.I’ve only been sitting on the board for a couple of months, but already I’m gaining a valuable insight into how a hospital that consistently puts its patients first and is measured as one of the top performing trusts in the country depends entirely on the quality of its management.Brilliant care: Since receiving excellent treatment at Christie's Cancer Hospital, Jenni Murray has become a non-executive director, which has given her an insight into how the trust puts the patients first When we look at hospitals that have been conspicuous failures, it’s been management’s inability to cope with the organisation and monitoring needed to meet waiting list targets or spend money wisely that’s put patients at risk.Pensioners reluctant to go home – often because they are too frail or confused to cope on their own – will be given 48 hours to leave.If they refuse, NHS trusts will seek a court order for possession of their bed.The chief executive was a midwife, the chief operating officer was a nurse and the young finance director, whom I would willingly appoint as Chancellor of the Exchequer, has spent his entire career within the NHS.I can't be the only son or daughter to have walked up to the nurses' station to find a little group gossiping about boyfriends, or to be faced with a look that says 'Yuk!But the frightened mother or father, who worked hard, paid their taxes and fully believed they would be cared for ‘from the cradle to the grave’, begs you not to say anything because they’re afraid the staff will ‘take it out’ on them when you’re gone. Duty: There are few more agonising things for a child than visiting a sick parent in hospital but why does our society treat the elderly as second class citizens when they become ill (posed by model) It’s now some four years since I was the angry daughter keeping quiet about the iniquities of the care of the elderly in the NHS.After my parents died, I made my complaints and wrote about the horrors I’d witnessed. What does it say about our supposedly civilised society that the elderly – the most vulnerable among us – are still too often treated as second-class citizens when they fall ill? Is it mass communication that’s made us forget how to communicate with real people? Has Simon Cowell’s casual cruelty or the bitter humour of a Ricky Gervais hardened us to suffering?

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