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I have clicked everywhere and cant find anything else!! Edit: I have to come back later...i am ready to pull out my hair!!! I had myself as outgoing, playing games, eating out, and liking natural colors..got me a real guy. Neody: Pure Reading Book Fast Food Night Soft Colours Personality Clever Guy Handsome Nearby Land Use Magic Answer: 1,1,2 Place: Forest Bottle: Top left hand corner %u F0E0 click around the bushes on the bottom right Water: Use the bottle on the river (check your map) Food: Catch the fish (small) Herbs: Use the wood on the herbs at the bottom of the map. At the left archway (left of the chari), check the right-hand side curve and click around it. Then tell the Prime Suspect you have found something again. Then just go to Conclusion and say that Nobody is the murderer. Place: Library First quiz: 1,1,2,3,2 Second quiz: 1,1,3,2,3 Third quiz: 1, Moving Company,2,2,? I've got the water, small fish, fire, wood and healing herbs.Wood: Fourth square down from the left hand side Fire Crystal: 4th square off the left at the bottom of the map %u F0E0 2 places from the dark crystal (to the left) and 1 from the purple pillow (to the right). Yumbrad: Mysterious Outdoor High Class Afternoon Natural Colors Talent Strange Taller Another Dimension Weird Hobby Answer: 1,1 Place: Casino Orem: Pure Reading Book Fast Food Night Soft Colours Personality Clever Guy Cute Faraway Land Weird Hobby Answer: 1,1 Place: Cafeteria Zoul: Wild Playing Games Homemade Afternoon Natural Appearance Strong Handsome Nearby Land Sad Past Answer: 1,1 Place: Cafeteria Mr. I give him the water but then nothing else wants to work!If it's the first guy, that means mine is Neody and until this day I haven't succeed getting his good ending whatsoever T_Tafter that I got Zoui and complete his mission successfully... It doesn't matter if you completed it or not I suppose.(I had Dornick, yet I still cannot beat his minigame.) Zoui was definitely one of the very easy ones; just click and pick the right food. but I dont get the mini game....="= What am I supposed to do and how can I do it?and i don't get where the cat is because i checked around the arches and there is no cat! after clicking on the table i also clicked the option, look under the table, for spear! I think this game is kind of boring, and way too easy, but I guess that depends on the guy you end up with.

Some of the item you can only reach it by using another item.

You must give him in this order BEFORE SUNSET water food herbs woods fire OH and how did you find the fire?

I can never find it, please help I So hate mr nobody i keep getting him and some other guy This Game Is Kinda Boring But I Like it answer the luv luv questions as followsmysterious, outdoor, fast food, night, natural, personality, clever, handsome, nearby, sad past Mystery Guy walk through- I had so much trouble with this guy and I nearly broke my laptop in frustration trying to get passed him and Ividine...

How to get Mystery guy pick: Mysterious, Play games, homemade dinner, night, Dark colours, personality, strange, handsome, Another dimension, weird.

When speaking to him: answer 1st response, 1st response, and then choose the because it's your birthday response. when you are in the garden area he will speak to you he says something about the forest looking like his favourite place, you may choose whichever response you desire.

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