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This website use Adobe Flash Player and HTML5 language technology to display a wide variety of Hollywood, Bollywood and Animation movies.The point is, get to the point about the things that are most important to you right off the bat. It made sense in the 1950s when most women didn’t work full-time and those who did made far less than men.Guys do not care if you have or haven’t seen the world. By traveling, people don’t necessarily mean flying first class and staying at expensive hotels.Give them a real world scenario that happens more often than not, and provide them with alternatives that clearly identify their attitudes and beliefs in their answers.

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I would encourage you to reframe from using such tactics in future as it is nothing more than nonsensical blabba. Why not make it sound like you are easy to get to know? Skip telling men that you are not interested in hookups. As an actual and real divorced male in my late 40’s, here is my perspective on women’s profiles: Far too many women feel it is necessary to project themselves in a manner that could ‘capture’ as many interests as possible.

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Most guys want girls who are feminine, nice and sexy.

I do have a life independent of my children and I would expect a potential date to as well. Plus she has the writing style of an alien who has only recently learned the language.

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