Updating ms access from a form

In the course of daily business, we see a lot of our customers Microsoft Access forms.

Some are great, and some are stuck in 1998 design paradigms.

In some applications, users were forced to navigate to one screen to add a record, and another to change existing records.

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The Single Form view lets you see only one record at a time, while the Continuous Form view presents a list of multiple records in rows.

Background Color Consistent Font Use Logical Groupings and Alignment Clear navigation User-centric instead of Data-centric Deemphasizing non-critical information Inline calculations Form window behaviors Summary and Detail Forms Load forms with context Whether you are starting a new database, or renovating an old one, Access Form Design is one of the most entertaining and also important steps.

Do it right, and you have a highly functional, productive application with a professional look and feel to hand to your users.

Replace with any filter criteria you need to apply. Your text box would look like this:=DSum("Revenue","tbl Orders","[fk_Customer ID] = " & [Customer ID])In the above example, we're summing the Revenue column in the table "tbl Orders," but only if the customer ID indicator in tbl Orders matches the customer ID of the current record on this form.

If you see "#Error" you'll know something is wrong.

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