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But there's more to Stacy than just clothes-sense: She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar.And in keeping with her trademark wit, she says that she and her cat Al live in Brooklyn with her shoe collection.

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"Paige [Davis] tried to calm him down, and Doug [Wilson] was sent to apologize. I'm gay myself, I didn't mean anything by it." Admittedly, this isn't a very convincing source, essentially being hearsay.

However underneath her tough persona, she has revealed she is as self-conscious and anxious as the 'real' women she styles on television, after spending years battling eating disorders and the melancholy attached.

The 43-year-old old, standing five-foot-seven-inches, recounts in her new book The Truth about Style how she overcame both anorexia and compulsive overeating, but still battles with worrying about her weight.

We've watched the clips and honed in on ten fashion tips learned from Stacy's wardrobe.

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