Will consolidating my debt stop garnishment

But then I lost my job and I haven’t made up that money yet. But for now I have to address the garnishment, lawsuit, and low credit score.I just need enough money to make my mortgage payment, my car payment, and to get my medications for anxiety and depression. in Forsyth County, GA Thank you for your questions.Also, the debt collectors must stop all their activities, including harassing you and lawsuits, once we file.As for “debt consolidation,” many of these companies are scams.I’ve heard the best thing to do is file bankruptcy.Last week, my boss said that he got papers for a garnishment of my wages and that they were going to start taking money from my paycheck.The federal wage garnishment process for student loans has a very easy appeals process when the garnishment is first issued.An appeal can prevent or significantly reduce the garnishment.

I really need a bankruptcy attorney near me to get me straight financially.

Suddenly the funds you needed to pay your mortgage, utilities or car payments have evaporated. Our firm offers you a free consultation to discuss your garnishment issue and other debt resolution questions.

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Really, the only way to legally wipe out debt for good is to file bankruptcy.

By Steve Rhode Dear Steve, My wages are being garnished for overdue student loans. I already declared bankruptcy about 6 years ago but of course that doesn't impact student loans.

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