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Uneventful sleep is a necessity for a happy marriage and must never be compromised!

Magnifying any irritating foibles your partner may demonstrate is a waste of time. You will only ever have as much as a 98 per cent perfect relationship, and pushing for the extra two per cent will only cause you to lose what you already have.

To put this into context we recommend the following exercise…

Separate the personal shortcomings listed below into ‘Minor Foibles’ and ‘Major Concerns’: Many people believe that any aspect of a relationship can be improved by giving flowers.

It’s better to take yourself away from your partner’s story and let them get on with it.

Since sanity is vital to surviving a relationship, it is important both partners receive adequate rest. There is no merit in having your circadian rhythm disturbed by your partner throwing themselves about like they’re losing at judo.

Her father was a colonel in the British intelligence services and sent her to boarding school in Oxford while he and her mother moved to various posts around the world. I think the bill was £5,000.’ The Salutation is technically a B&B, but that rather underplays its grandeur: it’s a Grade I listed mansion with three cottages and a garden judged to be one of the finest in the country, serviced by 36 staff They have already interviewed Nigel Farage, who stood as an MP in their constituency and filmed a Channel 4 reality show with them at around the time of the election.

However, before you revert to loudly stating, ‘Why are you everywhere I need to be?Even the most fun stories in the world will feel tired the thousandth time.A common error is to try to beef up the anecdote your partner is relating in order to make it more interesting. Remember instead that, though the tale may no longer be funny to you, it’s still very funny.They usually get through all the programmes in a single vodka-Red-Bull-fuelled session and dance in order to stay awake. She thinks it’s ridiculous that he would choose Poirot.‘There are about 6,500 people here in Sandwich and almost all of them drink to a pretty major extent.But as Steph says, ‘To be allowed to have that time with my husband, uninterrupted, unencumbered, was such a gift. Our off-licence friend says that Sandwich is 6,500 alcoholics clinging to a sandbag! But the average age is really quite high.’ It’s debatable whether TV audiences would be so forgiving if it were a working-class couple putting away quite so many units – but as Dom says, ‘It’s not illegal to have a glass of wine and watch telly.’It’s fair to say they’re loaded, however.In fact, this causes more problems; the moment the intended recipient sees their partner advancing with finely wrapped blooms they will immediately think, ‘Oh God, what have they done?Just as beds must be separate, bank accounts must be ‘joint’. Actually, we had hundreds of emails afterwards from people saying that we had changed their minds about posh people,' said Dominic Parker (pictured with wife Steph)It’s nearly three years since they became famous as Steph and Dom, the ‘posh’ B&B owners from Gogglebox, Channel 4’s ingenious observational show that turns the cameras on ‘ordinary’ British families as they watch TV (and which has just returned to Friday nights at 9pm). ’ said Dom A few years ago, they made an impression on a programme called Four in a Bed, in which hotel owners stay in one another’s establishments and are encouraged to make condescending comments about one another’s furnishings, Come Dine With Me-style.While all viewers have their favourites – Leon and June, the lovable socialists from Liverpool; Scarlett Moffatt, the pneumatic wit from County Durham – it’s the Parkers who have proved the breakout stars. ‘Everyone thought we’d be complete snobs because we rocked up in a Range Rover and we live, erm, here,’ says Dom, gesturing apologetically in the direction of the 17-bedroom Edwin Lutyens pile they call home.The secret to a good relationship is this: be two very different people…with a lot in common, who absolutely adore each other and make each other laugh.

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